Attainable fosters community, collaboration, development, and innovation for and among artists. Breakthrough with us.


Connor Harvey-Derbyshire - Attainable Programs & Operations - Artists, Performance, Engineering, and Design Projects.

Duncan Metcalfe - Attainable New Artist Experience & Archivist - Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Service.

Owen Campeau - Attainable Social & Community Marketing - Audience Development, Partnerships, Go-to-Market Strategy. 

Keegan Herperger - Lead Technician and Engineer, Head of Research and Development. 

Mechaela Marr - Head of Fine Arts Development, Attainable Gallery Planning and Curation.

Honourable Friends and Support- Aaron Richardson, Shawna Saunders, Patti Derbyshire, Bernie May, Nick Shipley, Josh Valiquette, Alexis Leadbeater.


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Located at 314 7th St South, Lethbridge, Alberta