The Attainable Rehearsal Space operates two days a week, Mondays and Wednesdays. Need to be loud? Come by earlier. Singer-songwriter or acoustic act? We've got a quiet place for you as the sun sets. Looking for other bandmates or to play with others -- check out our Band Speed Dating Events. Nervous about performing -- get some coaching and do a couple of small stages with friends and families. We got your back at Attainable. 

Rehearsal Space Availability

Monday 6:00-8:30 / 10$ a person

Monday 8:30-11:00/ 10$ a person

Wednesday 7:00-9:30 / 10$ a person

Wednesday 9:30-12:00/ 10$ a person

To apply, please complete the following form: 

Name *
And provide a preferred time and alternate
Please provide a preferred night and alternate.
In a couple of sentences, please describe your band, who you are as a performer, your genre, etc. How many performers will be at rehearsal.

Please note that if you can't make your pre-booked rehearsal block at least 2 hours of advance notice is required. 
No-shows will be charged for their rehearsal time as well as a $25 penalty fee.