Fall Showcase One.jpg

Fall Showcase 2016- Nov 24-26

It's our annual Attainable tradition! A great big saucy weekend of  music, art and good good times. This year we'll be featuring live visuals for shows at the Attainable Records space curated by our awesome friends in Pyramid // Indigo!

Check out the Schedule right here, amigo.

Attainable is also very excited to announce that we will be recording live audio and video during the entire showcase! When we started this whole thing we wanted to put out music, so what better way to celebrate a year of operation than with our first official release scheduled for 2017! 

Passes are $25 for November 25 & 26, and the Owl is free as usual. Here's what comes with your pass:

  • A Free Show Pass- Free entry to one of many upcoming music performances anytime between December and April
  • Snack Voucher- You're gonna need all the energy you can get, so have a snack on us bud!
  • $5 Off the Compilation- You were there for the shows, now live in the cool comfort of nostalgia with a discounted copy of the compilation (Due out 2017).
  • Your Name in the Liner Notes- We couldn't have done it without you, so enter into eternity in the art of the compilation. Attainable guarantees that post-human historians will prioritize small town music scenes over all other history.