8:00pm 8:00pm

Star Trek: First Contact - 20th anniversary screening

$2 entry free
Pop and snax will be on sale
(cash only)

Doors open at 8:00pm
Film begins at 8:30

It has been six years since Captain Jean-Luc Picard's assimilation into the Borg collective. Starfleet believes sending him and the crew of the USS Enterprise into an ongoing battle with a Borg cube would worsen the Federation's chances of survival by adding an "unstable" element. Picard and his crew believe the opposite and choose to intercept the Borg and follow them three hundred years into the past where the Borg aim to prevent planet Earth's first contact with an alien race. 
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Runtime: 1 hour, 51 minutes
Starring: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Alice Krige, James Cromwell, Alfre Woodard

"Resistance is futile."

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Neck Of The Woods, Caste Of Shadows, Youngbloods, Spacewolves

Neck Of The Woods (Currently on tour with Misery Signals)

Complex, confrontational and unflinchingly heavy, Neck of the Woods are the most exciting progressive metal band to emerge from Vancouver, BC’s underground scene in a generation.

Spearheaded by guitarists Dave Carr and Travis Hein’s interwoven riffing, Jordan Kemp's crushing low end, Jeremy Gilmartin’s intricate drumming, and Jeff Radomsky, a pro downhill skateboarder-turned-frontman who spends as much time in the crowd as on stage, Neck of the Woods deliver a punishing and exhilarating experience live and on record.

Having spent the best part of a year locked in rehearsal rooms defining and refining their sound, Neck of the Woods finally surfaced as a polished force, delivering a debut demo containing tracks ‘Left Behind’ and ‘Two Smokes,’ along with a series of shows that immediately created a buzz through their hometown’s metal scene.

This instant acclaim led to Neck of the Woods being selected to represent Vancouver in the Wacken Metal Battle Finals in Toronto. Winning more fans, and narrowly missing the first prize of a slot at the German Festival, gigs alongside bands like Havok, Wretched, Wolves in the Throne Room and The Faceless were their deserved reward.

With the release of their self-titled EP in May 2015, their first tour of Western Canada, and shows at the Calgary and Armstrong Metal Festivals, Neck of the Woods are poised to make another giant leap towards the metal elite.

“Neck of the Woods are that rarest of entities: an unsigned local band not just ready to step onto the big stage, but primed to explode. Unrelentingly abrasive from start to finish, this uncompromising brand of metal isn’t for the faint-hearted.” Robert Collins, Music Correspondent, CTV Vancouver

Caste Of Shadows (Local Legends)

Youngbloods (Lethbridge Pop-punk/Hardcore)

Spacewolves (Lethbridge Crossover)

Tickets $10 advance available through the bands or for purchase at The Owl Acoustic Lounge

$15 at the door

Live at Attainable Records
314 7th Street South

Sponsored By Libertine Tattoos

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